Dr. K. Andrew Shepherd, DC CN is the Clinic Director and Nutritionist for Genesis Regeneration Centers located in the heart of Plano, TX.  Dr. Shepherd brings a true international component to Genesis Regeneration Centers.  Originally from New Zealand, Dr. Shepherd has lived in over 14 countries around the world.  While attending law school in New Zealand, Dr. Shepherd was on the New Zealand ski team and became seriously injured during a race. It was at this time that he found chiropractic. A chiropractor enabled him to walk again after being confined to a wheelchair for six months.

He evaluated 23 different Chiropractic Colleges in 7 different countries and re-located to Dallas Texas in 1998 to attend the prestigious Parker College of Chiropractic.

Since graduating Chiropractic College, Dr. Shepherd has extensive post graduation education in Electro-Diagnostics, Pediatrics, he has a Diploma in Nutrition and a Diploma in Manipulation Under Anesthesia.  Dr Shepherd is a popular healthcare and motivational speaker. He has sat on the part time faculty at Richland Community College. One of his passions is community education and he lectures throughout the country and internationally on topics ranging from ADHD, Wellness, Pediatrics, Corporate Wellness, Arthritis, Digestive Issues and Dysfunction, Pain Management, Living Pain Free with Fibromyalgia, Headache Resolution Naturally, Weight Loss and Holistic Healthcare.

Dr Shepherd has been practicing in the North Dallas and Plano areas for 16 years now and it has been his distinct honor and privilege to have helped thousands of patients during this time.

Dr. Shepherd has been published in “Chiropractic Economics” and he has appeared in multiple shows on the Veria Health and Wellness Network, run by the Discovery channel. He is an expert health care presenter and educator for Bella Vita Wellness Retreats and Ocean Cruises.

As a clinical Nutritionist he consults with clients from around the globe on their nutritional needs and guidelines. Dr Shepherd is an internationally best selling author.  His first published book, “Health Put in Your Reach” has helped thousands understand what true holistic healthcare is throughout the world.  His second book, “ Forever Young” helps you to discover the secrets to anti-aging. His most recent book, “ Your Health, your Choice “ is designed to help you to discover how to live a life free from Dis-ease.

He looks forward to being of service to you and your family. As a special gift every new Client will receive absolutely free a copy of Dr Shepherd’s book, “ Your Health, Your Choice “.

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